Offside (David Beckham)

Goldenballs lived up to his nickname with a darting run into his wife’s closet. The football icon was snapped sidling the streets in a fancy sarong. He’s always been famous for his crossing, but never cross-dressing. 

You Muppet! (Lady Gaga)

Onlookers were left far from pokerfaced when the songstress went all Kermit the frog in an interview for a German television show. At least this froggy number was more tasteful than the plastic bubble dress she wore during a concert. Hardly the behavior of a lady.

Dirty Harry (Prince Harry of Wales)

The prince was given a royal welcome when he arrived at a fancy dress party in a Nazi uniform. The reckless act earned him a swasticking off from his old man, Prince Charles. 

How could you furget? (Naomi Campbell)

She’s used to making U-turns on the catwalk, and supermodel Naomi Campbell took another one when she modeled in a fur coat, 15 years after fronting an anti-fur campaign. Hairy stuff.