You clamber tipsily up the stairs, clutching a pair of extravagantly decorated underwear and slap them triumphantly on the bar. No, this isn’t the finale of a notorious pervert’s party, it’s one of the ridiculous communal drinking games the Aussie and Kiwi proprietors of OZNZ (the name’s a giveaway) will rope you into, and after all of those dirt cheap beers, believe us, resistance will be futile. This joint venture by the owners of Dada, Half Bar and C’s is another much-needed middle finger in the face of the violent pretension that overwhelms so much of Shanghai’s nightlife. No cover charge, no dress code, no suits stalking around looking like secret servicemen with their tiny earphones. OZNZ is all laidback, anything goes, rowdy drunkenness – three whole floors of it. Toss back a 15 kuai beer or six and chill out with one of their many distractions like Jenga or Monopoly. Or if that’s too old school for you, they have a couple of Nintendo Wiis available. Check your ego in at the door and get ready for some fun. Sun 12pm-2am, Mon-Wed 5pm-2am, Thu 5pm-3am, Fri 5pm-5am, Sat 12pm-5am. All cards. 1153 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan’an Xi Lu凯旋路1153号, 近延安西路