In a jungle of pseudo-lounges and pretentious, perfumed lairs, it’s refreshing to see a bar that does what it says on the tin. Spanning two floors, The Office is cut with a simple, wooden finish. There are sports screens everywhere you look, including a circular hub lowered from the ceiling, and pool tables inhabit the second floor. Courtesy of its third-floor restaurant, Canteen, mountains of greasy, Western food are at hand.

At 9.30pm, everyday except Mondays, a live band replaces the drones of commercial music with vintage numbers from the likes of Eric Clapton and Aerosmith.

 Similar to its television counterpart featuring David Brent, no one in The Office is below 30, except the bar staff. The drink’s menu is as expected, awash with various strands of the businessman’s favorites; Scotch, Whiskey, Cognac. The beers are a tad expensive (RMB40), but the martini (RMB50) we had is well-made and hits all the right notes.

 Rather than being a trailblazer amongst bars, The Office is a wizened veteran electing for old, reliable methods to draw in crowds. This is done in a modest and tasteful manner and the result is a shameless watering hole with nothing to hide.

All cards. 968 Pudong Avenue, Lujiazui, Near Yuanshen Road (5028-0029) 浦东大道968