Tonight Shanghai will be treated to some Baltic beats, as Estonian DJ Andreas Widenski is bringing his funky house music to Lotus nightclub.


Now on the back end of his world tour, which will see him spinning tracks in Thailand and Hong Kong next week, Widenski promised a good show.

“You can expect the freshest in house music, a lot of the tracks I’m playing haven’t been released yet and some never will be released.”

After 14 years in the game, and still sporting the token multi-colored pattern on his long-sleeved shirt, Widenski, 29, is an old hand on the DJ scene. His CV includes the likes of Ibiza’s multi-award winning club Pacha and uber-club Vertigo in Hong Kong. However Widenski now has a young son, and his busy schedule of one hundred gigs a year is taking its toll.

“The older you get, the more you think of your health. I recently had a gig where I was on from 5am-8am, it was hard to stay awake.”

Having played to sets to baying crowds from 17 different countries, Widenski has grown to appreciate the cultural value of his tours and he now plays with CDs because they are easier to travel with.

“I want to see the world as much as possible, and music is the way to do it. I don’t just come here for the gig, I like to enjoy the local food and culture.” This included a quick trip on Tuesday night to pick up some Tsingtao beer to enjoy in his hotel room.

Widenski span onto the scene in 1996, where he started by playing sets at underground house parties and over the local radio of his high school in Estonia. He has since branched out, and his musical escapades include promoting club nights in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, and managing his international DJ agency Macadam Music.

Widenski is relishing another opportunity to play to an Asian crowd, whom he says are the most open-minded and claims they are more interested in the music, and not showing off. He is, however hoping they are not as open-minded as the crowd he played to in Copenhagen two years ago.

“One guy suddenly took his pants and underwear off and continued dancing naked in front of the DJ booth, he probably enjoyed the track I was playing!”

You can catch DJ Widenski tonight at Lotus nightclub, Lane 66, Danshui Lu, People’s Square.

Ladies night: Girls get free drinks from 9-12pm.