A Jolly Green Giant Emerges from the Recession

Tighter marketing budgets and changing consumer preferences have accelerated the movement of companies to the green side.
A recent survey showed that, despite the recession, 82% of consumers are still buying green products. Indeed, the amount of green products being released on the market is set to triple this year.
As well as catering to popular demand, companies adopting green marketing practices are also reaping a number of financial benefits. For example, green marketing uses fewer resources and is much more cost effective.

One of the big growth channels for green marketers is online and digital – an area that saw a 15% increase in spend last year, despite overall marketing budgets being cut by 10 – 20%.
So how are our clients embracing green marketing and what skills are they looking for? Let’s take a closer look…
Online works: It’s measureable, which means better ROI. It can be modified, which makes it flexible. And it has a low carbon footprint, which makes it good for the planet, and good for our clients’ bottom line. In demand: Online Marketing and eCommerce specialists, SEO and PPC experts
Email Marketing: Statistics show that email is 90% more cost effective than most other methods of advertising and remains an excellent way to build relationships. In demand: Digital copywriters and designers, Email Marketing gurus
Online PR: Press releases aren’t just for the press anymore. With online distribution channels like PR Web and PR Newswire, clients can use news releases to reach their customers directly. In demand: Digital PR gurus, journalists and writers
Social Media: Offers a cost effective way of engaging with customers and a great way to build brand awareness. In demand: Communities managers, new media experts, social networking gurus who can apply their knowledge to create effective campaigns.
We work with the kinds of clients that make others green with envy! So if you’re a digital demon or online expert looking for a new challenge, give me a call on 0207 845 7229 or email me here today.

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